Saturday, August 7, 2010

Losing Time

After having several conversations with other teachers who have extended time off during the summer months, I have found that I am not alone in my quest to find out what day it is.

All too often I will be shocked to find that it is not the day I thought it was.

"I missed Project Runway??? Is today Thursday!?!?"

"Why hasn't Sara posted a blog today? Oh wait... is it Saturday???"
(This one is especially bad considering her Friday posts are always the same "What Keeps Me Going" theme so I should know at a glance that if her last post was "What Keeps Me Going" then logically today must be... that's right: Saturday.)

Something about leaving the confines of routine just throws me completely off course and I loose all track of time and space. This is also how I manage to get to the end of the week in a panic because I've run out of time to get things done! We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for a wonderful road trip to visit 2 parents, one grandmother, three sisters, two brothers, and a niece (maybe two if I'm super lucky!) I started the week with a long list of To Do's and have been doing a relatively good job of keeping up with it, then last night Seth and I were driving home from having dinner with his littlest sis and her hubby when it hit me that today was going to be Saturday (a fact which obviously hasn't stuck considering I just couldn't figure out why my sister hadn't posted on her blog) and I proceeded to PANIC!!!

So much for the To Do list. Now it's time to do what I like to call "The Last Minute Scramble". This means you pick the few things that ABSOLUTELY MUST BE DONE (i.e. packing for the trip, taking out the garbage, making a list for our wonderful friend who is house sitting for us while we're gone) and everything else gets bumped to the "if I have time left over" list.

So, now that I've managed to sneak in a blog post (which I most definitely DO NOT have time for!) I'm off to tackle my A.M.B.D. list in hopes that I'll have more time left over than I think...

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