Saturday, October 31, 2009

A day in her shoes

Seth and I spent the day up in Denison, IA visiting his family and attending a joint bridal shower for his cousin, Jamie, and her brother's fiance, Kensey. After the shower we came back to my in-laws' house to hang out and relax a bit. Seth's sisters, Liz and Bekah, were also over for the day.

At some point I was called down to the basement to join Liz and Colene (my M-I-L) in their quest to dig through some of mom's old shoes to see if there were any cool "vintage" pairs that Liz might want. After looking through a few boxes, we headed upstairs to mom's bedroom closet where she said she had "a few more pairs"...

At this point I quickly began to realize that my beloved MIL does not throw anything away. Anything. Including just about every pair of shoes she's ever worn (and perhaps even a pair or two that she never did). We were delighted to find a few pairs that were the lucky combination of retro style and not falling apart. Unfortunately, not one pair fit me. :-( But I am happy for my Liz that she found a few super cute pairs that she could definitely get away with wearing out in public.

About halfway through our digging, I could no longer restrain myself and went running for my camera. There were just too many pairs of shoes that I could hardly believe and that I HAD to share with all of you.

I give you... My Mother-in-Law's Shoes.

This was one of the first pairs that Liz found. Still cute after all these years!
These were Mom's wedding shoes.
And these were her "going away" shoes that she wore when they left the reception.

I had some like these when I was about 7 years old.
Mom: "I wore these to the dance clubs in Kansas City."
Me: "What year was that, mom?"
Mom: "Oh, I don't know... probably 1973."
And she didn't have just one pair...
Pastel peep toes with mesh cut-outs. The perfect Easter shoe... in 1986.
Liz walked away with these beauties. And I'm totally jealous.
That's right. Teal lace. You aren't imagining things.

This may be the only time in my life I've ever wished I had bigger feet.

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