Saturday, May 15, 2010

Aaaaaaand we have a winner!

9 months, 21 days.

That's how long we've been at Trinity Lutheran Church in Glenwood, IA. That's also how long it took for the first member of Trinity to make a comment to me about Seth and I having a baby. Which is actually a lot longer than I thought it would take.

I was walking into a graduation party with a member of our church, let's call her "Amy", and we were watching a group of kids playing Bag-O (a.k.a. "bags" or "cornhole" depending on where you're from). There was a little baby girl who was probably about 9 months old who was crawling up onto one of the boards and Amy turns to me and says, "You guys should get one of those." I was thinking she was talking about the Bag-O set and inside my head said, "We actually have one in our basement!" But at the moment I opened my mouth, it hit me that she wasn't talking about the popular yard game, she was talking about the baby. Oh my.

I started to laugh and then assured Amy that it is indeed in our plans to have "one of those" in the next few years, but not just yet. I suppose now that we own a house, we can expect to hear more questions about how soon we'll be expecting, but in the mean time I will be thankful for people like Amy, who care about us very much and are looking forward to being a part of our family's lives in the years to come.

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