Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Over the weekend we started taking loads of stuff over to the new house. I failed to bring the camera with us tonight when we took two big loads over, but here are some pictures of our rental house mid-move:

The Office
the desk and book cases have been removed and only my jewelry stuff remains, now on a folding table, so that I can continue to work on my custom orders that are quickly coming due.
See that pile of electronic stuff? That's where the desk used to be.

My Closet
Only the essentials remain. Yes, the shoe rack is essential.
Man Town
I was so proud of Seth that he was able to choose just a few hats to keep handy during our transition (which is obviously a lot better than I did with my shoes).

The Living Room
it's weird to look at all the stuff that hasn't been touched, yet the recliner, side table, and coffee table are all gone. Tonight's move was a "what's the closest thing we can grab that will fit in the bed of the truck?" kind of load.

Tomorrow night will be another round, then we'll take a break until next week. (And by "take a break" I mean continue to be insanely busy, just with things other than moving.) Then on Monday we'll get back to moving. Here's hoping we can get it all out by Thursday morning!

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Dennis said...

What pickup truck are you using to move? Please don't tell me it's that old Dodge D50 with the rusted frame?!??!

The big stuff is easy to move. It's all the "incidentals" like kitchen, tools, wall hangings, nick-nacks, etc.

Have fun.