Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seven Years' What???

One of the projects we've taken on in our new house is decorating/renovating the guest bathroom. We were lucky (?) enough to have a completely blank canvas to work with (a.k.a. bo-ring). White walls, white cabinet, white counter top, white tub, white toilet, and the most plain, boring, and cheap fixtures you can imagine. It was so plain and boring that when I went through the house taking pictures before we moved in, I didn't take a single bathroom shot. Therefore, I don't have many "before" pictures to show you. Sorry! Lesson learned. :-)

We started with buying a new faucet, towel bar, and toilet paper holder, all in the most beautiful "oiled antique bronze" (black with coppery edges). Seth successfully installed those items and today we graduated to more decorative items. It will still be a little while until we're finished with it.

Tonight we started the enormously unpleasant task of trying to remove the large rectangular beveled-edged mirror that was glued to the wall. As I sit here typing, he is across the hall with the door closed (to at least attempt to contain the mess) banging away at said mirror and pulling/prying it off in chunks. It sounds pretty horrible. I have only had to bring him a band-aid twice so far...

Once that's finished (and cleaned up after), he will install the new light fixture and then tomorrow we'll start the task of patching the drywall where the glue and mirror were torn from the wall. After that will come painting, then hanging the new shower curtain, artwork, and towels. At that point I will take some lovely "after" photos to share with you, but for now, here's a sneak peek at some of the goodies we snagged today!

I never realized before how weird it is to take pictures of mirrors.

Here is a slightly better shot of the art piece with the towels and shower curtain that match.

The walls are going to be painted one of the gold shades in the painting. I think it will work nicely with the sage green towels and brown shower curtain. You'll have to let me know when it's finished if you think I was right or not ;-)

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